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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Credit Card Application
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Manual Verification

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Manual Identity Verification Requirements.

Manual Identity Verification Requirements

Manual identity verification requires that you take your identity documents into a an Australia Post outlet to be verified by a postal worker. All account holders or signatories on accounts must provide their supporting identification documents. For information on manual identity requirements please view our online documentation.


Credit Card Application
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Product Details

Key facts about this credit card (correct as at 1 December 2014)

This information sheet is an Australian Government requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

Description of Credit Card

Product name
Low Rate Visa
Minimum repayments
The greater of $20.00 or 5.0%of Outstanding Balance
Interest on purchases
Interest-free periods
50 days
Interest on cash advances
Annual fee
Late payment fee
There may be circumstances in which you may have to pay other fees. Afull list of current fees applicable to this credit card can be obtained For more information on choosing and using credit cards visit the ASIC consumer website at The information on this sheet may be out of date. To confirm this information is correct you may wish to visit


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